Welcome to No Limits Metalworks. Please take a look around at our services, previous work, and shop in our online store for one of our custom made local products!

What We Do

Metal Fabrication

Fully outfitted to handle any form of welding, be it in our shop or out of our tricked out box truck. Bring it to us or we can come to you! We will gladly repair small everyday items you may have broken such as tools, equipment; anything that’s metal and can take a weld! Want to build a front end loader out of a DR mower? We can do that, and have! How about a gigantic Alaskan bush heater that runs on vegie oil only and uses no electricity? Done and done. We like a challenge, but we also do the everyday stuff like boats, restaurant equipment, signs, brackets, construction fabrications. Just ask and we hope to be able to exceed your expectations!

Custom Furniture and Decor

Providing top quality Custom Furniture and and Decor that is fabricated right here in our shop! Whether you are are looking for that perfect dining room table, or that unique Metalworks is a visionary company, we have endless Ideas for crazy furniture or metal art, home décor interior or exterior we just need people to build them for! You can bring us your own idea for something you’ve been dreaming of, or you can ask us to make you something unique just ask! All your friends will be talking about.

CNC Plasma Cutting

Let us make it for you today!


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